Function of UV bottle sterilizer and steam sterilizer

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An article about steam sterilizer, introduces the advantages of steam sterilizer, the disadvantages of steam sterilizer and the comparison with UV bottle sterilizer.

Advantages of UV bottle sterilizer

1. Dry at medium and low temperatures to avoid the release of plasticizers or bad chemicals from some plastics (such as plastic milk bottles) caused by the high temperatures of steam. Moreover, the medium and low-temperature disinfection can just sterilize the bottle, without worrying about soup injury.

2. Dry first and then sterilize, and sterilize at the end to avoid secondary pollution.

3, easy to use, no need to add water, avoid scale and other troubles.

4. Medium and low-temperature sterilization can just sterilize the milk bottle, it will not hurt the soup, it can be automatically dried, and it has a storage function, which is very convenient to use. The above are the advantages of UV bottle sterilizer.

UV bottle sterilizer

Disadvantages of UV bottle sterilizer

1. Ultraviolet radiation has low energy and weak penetrating power, and can only kill directly irradiated microorganisms. The sterilization effect cannot be guaranteed in the breeding areas such as nipples and the inner wall of the feeding bottle, so this type of suppressor is usually combined with the ozone disinfection method to make up for the shortcomings of ultraviolet disinfection.

2. The wavelength of ultraviolet rays is short, and direct exposure to the skin for a long time will cause skin damage. Keep away from the sterilizer when it is working.

3. Ozone has certain harm to the human body. The sterilizer should be placed in a ventilated place to dilute the ozone in the air. Most of these products have an air-drying function. When using, pay attention to the quality of the ambient air, and regularly clean the air intake duct and dust from the fan blades to avoid primary pollution to the milk bottle.

UV bottle sterilizer is not included in the national tableware disinfection standard. The above is the disadvantages of UV bottle sterilizer.

UV bottle sterilizer

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