What are the disposable composite gloves brand?

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The disposable composite gloves brand has strict requirements before delivery. The AQL value of all gloves tested must be 1.5 (less than 1.5 gloves out of 100 gloves in a batch are unqualified). Not only that, but the gloves need to be certified by the CFDA (Food and Drug Safety Administration) before they can hit the market.

disposable composite gloves brand is generally divided into three categories, nitrile, latex and PVC, each of which has its advantages.

Nitrile gloves do not contain latex components, not easy to cause allergy, and thin and comfortable, conform to the hand type, no pressure, a long time to grasp will not fatigue, so by the majority of medical workers, the market potential is huge. AClean's disposable composite gloves brand made of nitrile are dark blue powder free durable gloves, which are tougher and stronger to meet the basic operational requirements of the medical industry.

Latex gloves are made of natural rubber material with good elasticity, degradable, comfortable and in place to protect the health and safety of doctors and patients. Latex gloves are highly recognized in the medical industry and are the most common medical gloves. But because some people are allergic to latex, many opt for nitrile instead.

PVC gloves are relatively cheap, convenient and comfortable to wear, and only suitable for some simple medical operations.

disposable composite gloves brand https://www.disposablesgloves.com/aiproduct-item-688.html

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