The realization of tuya bulb light supplier and its advantages and disadvantages

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tuya bulb light supplier

Currently, there are three main ways for tuya bulb light supplier to achieve white light:

1. Synthesize white light through tuya bulb light supplier's three-color multi-chip set of red, green and blue and glow.

Advantages: High efficiency, controllable color temperature, good color rendering.

Disadvantages: the three base color light decline is different resulting in unstable color temperature, more complex control circuit, high cost.

2. tuya bulb light supplier chip stimulates yellow phosphor, which synthesizes white light from yellow and green light emitted by LED blue light and phosphor. To improve color performance, a small amount of red phosphor can be added or appropriate amount of green and red phosphor can be added simultaneously.

Advantages: High efficiency, simple preparation, good temperature stability, good color rendering.

Disadvantages: poor consistency, color temperature changes with Angle.

3, UV LED chip excitation phosphor emit three primary color synthesis white light.

Advantages: Good color rendering, simple preparation.

Disadvantages: At present, the efficiency of 5050LED chip is low, there are UV leakage problems, phosphor temperature stability problems to be solved.

Characteristics of UV LED + RGB three-color fluorescence scheme


1) The white coordinate point is only determined by the phosphor itself, and has nothing to do with the excitation wafer (can tolerate the dispersion of LED wafer).

2) Can achieve a very high color reduction index RI.

3) The simplest manufacturing solution in theory.

4) The stability of the color light only depends on the phosphor, can be very stable.


1) The leaked UV light will destroy the LED sealant, leading to the service life of the device.

2) Light conversion efficiency is not high, self-absorption, light transmittance, etc.

tuya bulb light supplier