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The majority of companies, when searching for packaging with a modern appearance, will avoid choosing Die Cut Boxes because these boxes come with a very high price tag

The majority of companies, when searching for packaging with a modern appearance, will avoid choosing Die Cut Boxes because these boxes come with a very high price tag. Although this may be a good investment for your company because it enhances the overall customer experience and adds detail to your branding, there are other options that you may also consider, and doing so will not require you to make any sacrifices with regard to the presentation of your products. THE COSTSWhy do custom-made boxes like the Die Cut cost so much, and do you think it is an investment that is truly worthwhile? It is not so much the composition of the product that drives up the cost; rather, it is the production. The process of creating the shapes requires specialized knives and machinery, which is referred to as tooling. There is a set-up fee associated with this process. HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU ALLOW FOR BUDGETING? We recommend allocating anywhere from $800 to $1400 for the sole creation of a simple, modest design. When your customer receives your product, they are instantly greeted by a sleek and professional-looking package (assuming that your postal service takes good care of it during its transit!

1.  This investment grants you a number of benefits, one of which is that when your customer receives your product, they are greeted by this package

2.  As a result of the fact that it was made specifically for your product, the packaging already accommodates it without the need for additional padding

3.  As was mentioned earlier, having boxes that are made specifically for your products can be a great asset to your branding because they give customers a positive first impression even before they view the actual product

4.  RSC and 5PF boxes are the most common styles that can be made to measure without the need for tooling

5.  If this particular style is not an absolute necessity for your company but you do need to ensure that your product is delivered to your customer in a safe manner, you should consider using one of these custom apparel box types

6.  They can perform the task just as well as die-cut ones can, but they won't put as much of a dent in your budget

7.  DIFFERENT KINDS OF CARDBOARD BOXES THAT CAN BE MADE TO ORDERDIE CUT CARTONA Die CutA carton is a type of custom apparel box (go to buy) that can have a great deal of personalization applied to it and that, true to its name, is cut using a die

Because of the way the form is tailored, the use of sticky tape with a tacky appearance to hold its structure is minimized or eliminated entirely. RSC stands for regular slotted carton. The most common type of slotted cardboard custom apparel box is known as a Regular Slotted Carton and features flaps that must be taped together at both the top and the bottom of the box. Even though it does not have the same refined appearance as a die-cut, it is the most cost-effective option and the style for which it is easiest to source stock sizes; in addition, it is dependable and long-lasting. FIVE PANEL FOLDER (5PF)You also have the option of using a Five Panel Folder, which is essentially an open flat custom apparel box with fold/score lines to form the desired shape. This is a more cost-effective alternative. When packing items that are longer in length, this particular style of custom apparel box (go to buy) is ideal. However, there would be size restrictions, so if you choose to pursue this option, you will need to collaborate closely with your supplier. UBEECO is able to sort all of this out for you and advise you on the option that is most suitable for the requirements of your application.

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